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National Manifesto

The Mission before Us

Going Hand in Hand with Time

It is our firm belief that Pakistan Awami League manifesto must reflect voices and aspirations of voiceless and marginalized people of Pakistan envisaging a new vision for the betterment of the country and its people. The Manifesto presents a comprehensive and all embracing-agenda for the national renewal and empowerment of the common Pakistanis. It sets out a realistic and do-able framework for pulling back the nation from the edge of abyss. 

Pakistan Awami League staunchly believe in empowering the common folk of Pakistan in every respect and by all the means. Only a strong and empowered individual can guarantee a strong nation. The key to strengthening a common individual is ensuring the provision of all the human rights.

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Art and Culture for All

Happy People, Healthy Nation

Art and culture are vital for quality of life and promotion of a better image of the country. It’s also a source of ideas and inspiration. Pakistan Awami League is committed to project our art and culture by all the means.

  • Pakistan’s film industry shall be helped to overcome crisis like situation and quality work will be encouraged to revive the film industry.

  • Discouraging the prevailing vulgar activities in the name of art, the genuinely creative cultural activities will be promoted at all level.

  • Fund shall be established to support new talent development.

  • Existing art & cultural institutes shall be strengthened.

Protecting National Heritage

Remembering History for Future

  • Pakistan Awami League will protect and rehabilitate national heritage through public-private partnership.

  • Heritage sites like Harrapa, Moenjodaro, Taxila, Mehar Garh and Kot Diji etc. shall be preserved with the help of institutional support and international cooperation

  • The party shall promote the soft image of Pakistan through cultural exchange programs.

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Protecting the Fourth Pillar

Independent and Balanced Voices

Media is recognized as the fourth pillar of the state therefore freedom of media must be respected and guaranteed. Though, simultaneously we think that freedom should not be beyond all limits.

  • Pakistan Awami League will introduce laws that will ensure freedom of responsible media in any circumstances.

  • The party will encourage balanced, responsible and objective media, and discourage any section of media which is known for serving some vested interests.

  • A comprehensive insurance scheme shall be introduced to cover journalists against death and injury due to harassment in the line of professional duties.

  • Fund for training of journalists shall be established.

Sports for All

Striving for Rising the Flag

Unfortunately, Pakistan has a poor track record in the field of sports. No doubt, we are a cricket maniac nation but it was given undue importance at the cost of other sports. As a result of this imbalance we have no global standing in other sports. So much so, hockey is our national game and in the past we have ruled the world of hockey but due to the internal politics and lack of facilities we are nowhere in this game.

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This can be attributed to the wrong policies, pursuance of vested interests and a persistent corruption at all the levels. To elevate the country in all the sports, Pakistan Awami League is determined to;

  • Restructuring all the sports body to make them efficient and productive.

  • Setting up state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure including providing multipurpose play grounds in small cities and towns.

  • Encouraging private sector in investing in the sports activities at grass root level as well as at school level.

  • Making sports activities an integral part of school and college levels of education.

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Engaging with the World

Living with Honor, Dignity & Respect

In this age of globalization, many new and daunting challenges are emerging that are needed to be addressed with a coherent, well-contemplated and popularly supported foreign policy. Our previous governments have failed to cope with the global challenges wisely; consequently, Pakistan is facing a virtual state of isolation.

  • Pakistan Awami League believes that no foreign policy can be effective and credible until and unless it is backed by a domestic policy that promotes harmony and good governance within the country.

  • The party, as a first step, will make concerted efforts to strengthen our relations with its time-tested friends.

  • The party will also pursue a policy of normalization with the countries with which we have some problematic relations by means of peaceful as well as purposeful negotiations.

Defending Pakistan

Strong Nation, Dignified Nation

  • It is the highest priority of Pakistan Awami League to strengthening the nation’s capacity of defending itself from all foreign and internal threats, for this purpose, the needs and requirements of our Armed Forces would be met, under all circumstances.

  • The nation’s strategic assets would be protected by all the means and all necessary steps would be taken to enhance the security of these assets to ensure strategic parity in the region.

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Protecting People of Pakistan

No Terror, No Fear

Realizing that our country is under attack by the menaces of religion-ethnic extremism and naked forms of terrorism, protecting citizens from these dangers is a great concern for Pakistan Awami League. The party is committed that extremism and militancy will have no room in Pakistan.

The party therefore declares unequivocally that;

  • It rejects militancy and extremism, while condemning terrorism, in all its forms and manifestations.

  • Pakistan Awami League recognizes the sacrifices made by our brave army in the line of their duty to eradicate militancy from the soil of Pakistan and it salutes to all the martyrs and Ghazis whether they belong to our security forces or they are common citizens.

  • The party will fight vigorously against militancy and extremism till the elimination of the last militant.

  • We will build a political consensus for a comprehensive strategy to de-radicalize the society and deny space to terrorism.

Local Government

Empowerment on Grass Root Level

Decentralization of powers by devolving administrative and financial powers to the elected representative at grass-root level is a must for empowering aam admi. Unfortunately, our elected governments have been afraid to share their powers with common people by avoiding local government elections.

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  • Pakistan Awami League will propose a constitutional amendment according to which it will be mandatory for every sitting provincial government to hold local body election in a specific time frame.

  • Increasing representation of members of the NGOs and civil society in local government.

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Inter Provincial Harmony

Advocating Parity and Solidarity

Pakistan Awami League is a strong advocate of federalism and believe that the federation can only be strengthen by empowering all the four provinces with fiscal power and providing them maximum autonomy which is secured through 18th constitutional amendment.

Transparent Electoral System

Only Free and Fare Elections

We need a wide range of electoral reforms to deepen the roots of our fragile democracy. To achieve this goal Pakistan Awami League will take following steps;

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  • Drastic structural reforms would be introduced in the Election Commission of Pakistan at federal as well as provincial level.

  • The whole top hierarchy of Election Commission including Chief Election Commissioner, members of ECP and provincial Election Commissioner etc. will be appointed by a parliamentary committee instead of federal government.

  • Certain measure will be taken to guarantee full powers and independence of ECP.

  • Maximum representation of women voters will be ensured with the help of local communities especially in KPK and some other parts of the country, where there is a persistent trend to bar women from exercising their right to vote.

  • Maximum representation of minorities in the electoral process will be ensured by engaging all the minority groups in the country.

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Transportation for All

Effective Transport Management and Planning

An efficient transportation system helps easing the life of citizens of Pakistan and is also a prerequisite of rapid development. To address the issue Pakistan Awami League will;

  • Strengthening the already existing structure of public transport and increasing the number of public transport in the entire country.

  • The prices of cars and motorbikes will be reduced gradually by 20 to 30% and increase the competitiveness of the local cars and motorbikes.

  • Improving the transportation links between urban centers and their outlying areas.

  • Expanding the Metro Bus System to every provincial capital, complete with facilities for the aged and disabled and women.

  • Making the existing Railway System efficient, speedy and affordable as well as expanding the double tracking railway system

  • Introducing Circular and underground railway network in all the major cities of the country.

  • Building integrated bus, rail and taxi terminals in all towns and cities.

Housing for All

No Family without Home

To address the serious issue of housing in the major cities of the Pakistan, Pakistan Awami League will adopt a doable housing policy;

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  • Rehabilitating low-cost houses and flats in the cities.

  • Undertaking the maintenance of public housing infrastructure.

  • Providing quality public housing catering specifically for the younger generation of job seekers.

  • Providing recreational areas and facilities to enhance the quality of life in urban centers.

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IT Infrastructure

Computer and Internet for All

Pakistan Awami League will make the necessary infrastructure investment to offer standard broadband internet access affordable to all segments of the society with the lowest cost possible.

  • The party will make the necessary arrangements so that the disadvantaged segments of the society can benefit, free of charge, from internet and computer services.

  • We will provide the necessary incentives to ensure that all students have access to computers and the internet at school and outside of school.

Health for All

Quality Health-care Facilities for Deprived Ones

The health system in Pakistan is facing a crisis like situation. Citizens especially belonging to under developed regions of the country don’t have enough access to the health care facilities. So much so a serious illness of a family member can throw the whole family in a serious financial crisis. To ensure modern efficient health facilities to every common man Pakistan Awami League will;

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  • Introduce a comprehensive legislation and increase the allocation for health in the fiscal budget of the country up to 6%.

  • Every Pakistani especially women, children, elderly people and the people from low income groups will be enabled to have access to the quality health-care facilities near their home.

  • An accountability mechanism will be introduce to monitor quality and provision of health-care facilities at public as well as private health-care facilities in the entire country.

  • Mother-Child Health Care facilities will be ensured especially in the under-developed areas by expanding the network of Basic Health Units.

  • No strike involving doctors or paramedics will be allowed in public sector hospital, the violators will be dealt with according to law.

  • Every aam admi will have an easy access to Quality Health Services and government will subsidize high-cost treatment for the needy people.

  • A National Health-Care System that will be devised which will guarantee access for every Pakistanis to enjoy cost-effective health-care facilities in every hospital under public sector.

  • Providing public facilities for dialysis treatment in every high-density area.

  • Introducing a special Health Cards System to provide life saving medicines on discount prices.

  • Introducing a support system for elderly people to provide emergency health-care on their door step.

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Education for All

Quality and Affordable Education is the Real Education

Education is the single equalizer in a society and is the most important means to reducing and even eliminating poverty. An educated, technologically advanced and progressive society is the need of the people of Pakistan.

To initiate an educational revolution and a culture of education in the country Pakistan Awami League will take the following steps;

  • Education Emergency will be declared at national level to eradicate illiteracy on war footing basis.

  • The allocation for education sector in the federal fiscal budget of the country will be increased up to 6%.

  • Formulation of a compact and realistic educational policy under which “Every Child in School” program will be introduced.

  • Maximum enrolment in primary to secondary schools will be ensured and maximum incentives will be offered to encourage poor parents sending their children to schools.

  • To improve the pitiable and lethargic conditions of government’s educational institutions from primary school to the university level and enable them to depart quality education to the students.

  • Dropout rate at primary level will be reduced by providing missing facilities in schools and free text books, offering incentives, especially for girls.

  • An accountability mechanism will be devised under which every school and its teachers will be accountable at community level.

  • The curriculum of all grades will be reviewed in accordance with the needs of modern concept of education.

Protecting our Children

Taking Care of Our Future

The weakest and the most vulnerable of all are our children, who factually have no right. Every child is a torch-bearer of the country, to protect him means to protect our future. Certainly it must be first priority.

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Realizing this fact Pakistan Awami League is committed to take the following steps;

  • Strict enforcement of the Child Protection Bill approved by the previous parliament in its true spirit.

  • A national commission for the rights of children will be formulated which will work as a regulatory body to ensure the protection of child’s rights at all levels.

  • The state will be responsible directly for the well-being of every street child.

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Empowering Minorities

Only a Pluralist Society is a Balanced Society

A significant part of our society has been facing discrimination, humiliation and injustice and this unfortunate situation is getting worst with the passage of time.

Pakistan Awami League considers religious minorities of the country as equal citizens of Pakistan having the same rights as Muslims. As ordained by Islam and the Constitution of Pakistan, the Minorities will have complete freedom of worshiping and the right to education and employment in all sectors of the economy. To provide minorities equal opportunities we will take following measures;

  • Necessary legislative measures will be undertaken to ensure there is no forced conversion of religion in the guise of marriage.

  • The Christian and other marginalized religious community will be permitted to run their own schools and colleges.

  • The development funds earmarked for minorities will be doubled.

  • The Hindu Marriage Bill will be accelerated through the National Assembly.

Empowering Youth

An Empowered, Equal and Free Youth

  • Pakistan Awami League will empower all young people and increase their choices within the framework of the principles of equality and respect to human rights.

  • We will support equal opportunities for our youth and combat all forms of discrimination.

  • We will end all sort of hindrances in the way of young people.

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Empowering Women

Strong, Confidant, Privileged and Liberated Women

  • Pakistan Awami League will ensure respect, dignity, and protection to women and protect their property rights.

  • We will promote participation of women in national development and their social, political and economic empowerment by recognizing their role as agents of change.

  • We will promote female education especially vocational training and healthcare programs to overcome gender gap.

  • We will use all the means to curb violence against women whether it is committed at home or workplace.

  • An integrated population welfare program is required across Pakistan so as to maximize the demographic dividend and avoid a demographic disaster. A key element of this program will be improved female literacy.

  • Steps will also be taken to increase women’s participation in financial institutions, superior judiciary, health and educational management and law enforcement agencies at executive level.

Empowerment for All

Apna Des, Apna Raaj

Empowering all Pakistanis is a strong commitment of APAAP. It is also a prerequisite for a just, equitable and democratic Pakistan, where every individual is able to realize his or her full potential in society without any prejudice.

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All possible means;

  • Women

  • Youth

  • Minorities

  • Low-income Groups.

  • All the marginalized and under-privileged segments of the society.

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Employment for All

Effective Combat against Unemployment

In Pakistan, unemployment level is high while the employment opportunities are limited. Apart from the alarming unemployment and underemployment rate across all age groups, the country has an ever increasing size of army of youth seeking jobs. To solve this sensitive human issue Pakistan Awami League will move forward with drastic steps including;

  • Every young Pakistani will be equipped with mandatory technical and vocational skill of one’s own choice.

  • All infrastructure projects will entail compulsory job creation.

  • All the state institutions like Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, Benazir Income Support Program, Micro Financing Institutions and Rural Support Program will be restructured according to the needs of poor people. They will play a major role in eradicating poverty and creating jobs by expanding their capacity.

  • Especially designed employment programs will also be devised that will generate jobs on community level through special development initiatives.

  • On community and village level non-governmental organizations will be encouraged to provide more economic empowerment to poor households especially women.

Freeing Pakistan from Corruption

A Just and Transparent Way of Life

No nation carrying a heavy baggage of corruption can stride on the path of development.

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  • All elected members of parliament and public office holders from prime minister to a middle level public servant will be accountable for his deeds and acts in official capacity. All such persons will be bound to declare their assets when starting their office. Any undeclared asset, if found, will be liable to be confiscated.

  • Any public office holder found guilty of financial corruption will be removed from his office and his case will be referred to special anti-corruption for rigorous punishment.

  • The investigation and court proceedings in this regard shall be time-bound.

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Small Medium Enterprises & Community Based Cottage Industry

Equal Opportunities, Open Competition

We will give SMEs zero-interest working capital loans equal to the amount of taxes and insurance contributions they pay.

  • SME will be developed in various districts, especially under-developed ones, where they will be facilitated through one window operation.

  • All possible incentives and assistance will be provided for establishing home-based cottage industry at village and community level.

  • We will ensure that SMEs can be able to strengthen their capacity to translate information into products, develop technology-intensive products and production methods, and thereby can increase their international competitiveness.

  • We will prepare SMEs as effective actors of the global competition environment.

  • We will support SMEs with a special incentive system to promote their participation in fairs and exhibitions that will contribute to promotion of their goods in international markets.

Reviving Trade and Industry

People’s Friendly Industrialization for Sustainable Development

Our Industrial and Trade policy will focus on the following;

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  • All exports will be sales tax free.

  • Imports will be reduced to only those items which are not produced locally.

  • Industrial zone, both for large and small industries will be developed in the under-developed areas of all the four provinces.

  • To provide a wide range of services related to import and export activities, an Import-Export Bank will be established to deal with the relating financial matters.

  • Foreign companies will be encouraged to expand their production facilities in the country. To make it possible, all necessary incentives will offer to them.

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Reinvigorating the Rural Economy

An Agriculturally Self-sufficient Pakistan

Village is still a back bone of Pakistan’s economic structure. The country can’t move forward without strengthening the rural and agricultural economy.

  • Pakistan Awami League is committed to ensuring that the people living in rural and under developed areas have access to basic needs and amenities.

  • A decentralized and devolution based power structure will be devised so that people can be able to make decisions on village level.

  • Pakistan Awami League also aims to counter the migration inflow from towns and villages to the cities by providing opportunities at village level and strengthening the village based economy.

  • By adopting appropriate and realistic animal husbandry policies, we will increase our sheep, goat and cattle assets, and we will increase productivity via breeding and rehabilitation programs.

Revitalizing the Economy

A productive, growing, sharing and environment-friendly economy for Sustainable Development

Economic and social development is not equally distributed among all the federating units of the country; even in a particular province there exists a huge level of development imbalance. To address this issue without further delay is our first priority.

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  • In Pakistan Awami League’s economic vision, both human and economic development goes hand in hand. The party draws its economic vision from its political philosophy which is enrooted in decentralized governance, transparency, thorough accountability and equality. We believe in equal distribution of sources among all the federating units on population basis. We are also strong advocate of reducing the income gap among different segments of the society. Pakistan Awami League believes in a balanced and just modal of economic development in which every citizen of Pakistan can enjoy equal opportunities to use its potentials. We believe in a dynamic, equitable and sustainable economy in which:

  • Every Pakistani will have an easy access to basic needs like food, housing, quality education, health care and all other basic amenities.

  • Farmers can enjoy full benefits of their crops and secure their livelihood.

  • Laborers will feel secure and dignified in their work places. Their minimum salary will rise to 20, 000 Pakistani Rupees.

  • Youth will be equipped with mandatory technical skills so they can have assured livelihood and productive employment.

  • People from all strata of the society will be empowered and have opportunities to realize their full potentials.

  • Sustainable human development will be ensured by raising the quality of human capital.

  • A strict taxation system will be introduced in which no tax evasion will be allowed and it will based on simplicity and transparency.

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Solving Energy Crisis

With a Priority to Renewable Resources

Pakistan is blessed with hot weather and strong windy beaches, taking advantage of it APAAP will reduce dependency on oil and gas in power generation by using renewable energy resources, such as solar and wind, together with environmentally-friendly technologies and by increasing energy efficiency.

  • Pakistan Awami League is committed to ensuring that the people living in rural and under developed areas have access to basic needs and amenities.

  • A decentralized and devolution based power structure will be devised so that people can be able to make decisions on village level.

  • Pakistan Awami League also aims to counter the migration inflow from towns and villages to the cities by providing opportunities at village level and strengthening the village based economy.

  • By adopting appropriate and realistic animal husbandry policies, we will increase our sheep, goat and cattle assets, and we will increase productivity via breeding and rehabilitation programs.

Ensuring Basic Needs

A Little Space for Citizens, Please!

Poor people are spending an insecure, hapless and difficult life which is of great concern for Pakistan Awami League. After winning a confidence of common voters in the coming general elections, Pakistan Awami League will ease the life of the struggling individuals by taking the following steps as a first priority:

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  • Easing the Cost of Living.

  • Reducing number of taxes by expanding tax net.

  • Setting up more Daycare Centers for working parents.

  • Lowering broadband fees by at least 30 per cent with guaranteed bandwidth.

  • Introducing Country Price policy for essential goods.

  • Uplifting Urban Well-being by all available means.

  • Reflecting the pronounced urban shift in the country's demographic pattern and address urban economic and social challenges.

  • Ensuring sufficient educational, training and health services and facilities.

  • Initiating World Class Infrastructure Development and Rural Transformation.

  • The rapid expansion of the Highways and Expressways with more lanes and exit points.

  • His gradual reduction of intra-city toll taxes.

  • Solving the treated water supply problem in all over the country especially in the area of acute water shortage

  • Extending the supply of clean water to the homes throughout the country

  • Expanding electricity supply to the villages and Goths which have no power supply yet

  • Compelling service providers to ensure quality mobile phone services and reliable wireless access coverage throughout the country

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Our Pledge to the Citizens of


Economic Empowerment for All

We will struggle vigorously for the economic empowerment of the common people of Pakistan. This goal is to be achieved by means of socio-economic development, generating opportunities and job based on equity and justice and based on the principles of democratic norms and rule of laws.

Self-Respect for All

Pakistan Awami League will focus on ensuring Self-Respect (Izzat-e-Nafs) of aam admi as only a person filled with a complete sense of respect can participate fully in the development of its country. It is the only factor that can enable him to explore its potentials. This goal can only be achieved by providing all the human rights to the common Pakistanis.

All-inclusive Governance for All

Pakistan Awami League firmly believes that the only solution of the country’s problems lies in the principle of maximum representation of common people at all levels and an all inclusive way of governance in which every segment of society can have its strong voice.

We strongly support the principle of 33% representation of women in elected national and provincial assemblies as well as in local government bodies. But this level of representation in elected bodies should not be limited only to the women; instead all other marginalized and underprivileged sections of the society like minorities, farmers and industrial laborers should also be the beneficiary of it. So, in this regard, Pakistan Awami League will work vigorously to raise their voice in the parliament and local bodies by allocating 33% reserved seats for them.

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