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CH Nasir Mehmood

Ch. Nasir Mehmood is a prominent public figure and a respected leader in Pakistan's political scene. His leadership of the Pakistan Awami League has been instrumental in shaping the party's policies and strategies, and he is known for his strong stance on issues related to democracy and human rights. His contributions to social welfare work and his dedication to the betterment of society have earned him the respect and admiration of many in Pakistan.

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Chairman CH Nasir Mehmood Pakistan Awami League PAL

Our History

The Pakistan Awami League was established on March 23, 2018. It was founded by a few active and  patriotic youths who, under the leadership of Mr. Chaudhry Nasir Mahmood, worked to secure and strengthen the foundations of Pakistan and every common citizen. We are determined to deal with prosperity and security because a peaceful, prosperous, and strong Pakistan is our destination.
Our manifesto is based on the basic principles of health, education, employment, law & order, and justice.

Our Vision

Pakistan Awami League believes in the transfer of power to the common citizens of Pakistan in every possible way because a strong and empowered individual can be the guarantee of a strong and prosperous nation.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Pakistan Awami League will take steps to provide free quality health facilities to ordinary citizens of all ages and all walks of life and to provide free quality health facilities to backward areas of the country, especially villages. Steps will be taken to improve the uniform educational curriculum and public schools and provide free education up to graduation. Provide easy, cheap and prompt justice in the lower courts and ensure the elimination of corruption. People who create hoarding and artificial scarcity of goods Enemy elements will be held to the strictest accountability.

Why You Choose Us?

There are numerous political and religious parties in Pakistan who are involved in the power game in the name of religion and democracy. Every party has a single manifesto and a single goal, i.e. power. Why did we feel the need for a new political party? We are often asked this question, the answer to which requires detail.

Think about it! Life is the greatest blessing from Allah Almighty. If you have life, you can enjoy all the blessings of the world. And it turns from morning to evening. A clean house is not available. Highly educated youths are stumbling from place to place looking for employment, but employment is scarce.On the other hand, if you look at the country, corruption and oppression reign everywhere. Allah Almighty has made all human beings equal, but a few people have gained more power, land, and wealth than they deserve. And riding on the necks of people like themselves. Poverty and ignorance have been imposed on them. The market for loot is hot. No legitimate work can be done without bribery. The quality of education is low. You often wonder how this forest of problems can be cleared and life can be peaceful. How can it become the cradle of happiness?

The only reason for all our problems is that the old political parties have considered gaining power as their goal, for which they are willing to use any means. These political and religious parties entertain the people with happy slogans, get votes by showing a new green garden, and then forget about their voters till the next election. There is no party that is led by common middle-class people.

Every party is ruled by a system of feudalism. Political leaders born with a golden spoon in their mouth talk a lot about the problems of the people, but they are unable to solve them. This is because they never do it themselves. They did not see problems burning in the furnace. They can neither understand the people nor their problems. Expecting them to solve problems is like living in a fool's paradise.

The Pakistan Awami League is the only party in the country whose leadership belongs to the people themselves. The problems of the citizens are not hearsay for him, but he has good experience with them. This is the reason that the dreams of the citizens can only be interpreted by the Pakistan Awami League.

We appeal to all the countrymen, youth, sisters, mothers, and elders to join the Pakistan Awami League and support us in curing the sufferings and problems of the people and making the land of Pakistan strong and developed.

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