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Chairman's Message


CH Nasir Mehmood

Pakistan is passing through the decisive stages of its history. On one hand, there is the rotten system of feudalism, which has hollowed out the roots of Pakistan, and on the other hand, it is mired in the mire of poverty, inflation, unemployment, deprivation, and despair. There are ordinary citizens who have been badly left behind in the game of power. The common man has no voice and no power. Everyone shouts the slogan of the common man and his problems, but there is no one who, in the real sense, wants to make the country prosperous and the common man prosperous.

Chairman CH Nasir Mehmood Pakistan Awami League PAL

Pakistan Awami League

We are determined to deal with prosperity and security because a peaceful, prosperous, and strong Pakistan is our destination.

About Pakistan Awami League PAL


The Pakistan Awami League was established on March 23, 2018. It was founded by a few active and  patriotic youths who, under the leadership of Mr. Chaudhry Nasir Mahmood, worked to secure and strengthen the foundations of Pakistan and every common citizen.

Manifesto Pakistan Awami League PAL


Our manifesto is based on the basic principles of health, education, employment, law & order, and justice. Pakistan Awami League staunchly believe in empowering the common folk of Pakistan in every respect and by all the means.

Presidentail System Pakistan Awami League PAL


Movement of Presidential System
Pakistan Awami League has been raising its voice in favor of the presidential system for the past several years and it believes that, Insha'Allah, one day a presidential system will prevail in Pakistan, in which justice and the rule of law will prevail.

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